Wadi Rum Protected Area
Mon-Sat: 24 Hours

Bedouin Nights Camp

Bedouin Nights Camp is a Bedouin style retreat dedicated to providing guests with an enjoyable desert experience designed to elevate their understanding of the sensitive desert environment while also fostering a respect for the history and culture of the indigenous people who live there.

Located in a remote spot, carefully selected within the Wadi Rum Protected Area, bedouin Nights Camp is well situated and equipped to provide guests with an authentic Wadi Rum encounter.

Secluded from the influence of modern civilization, visitors are able to catch the full affect the desert has to offer. Guests will be reacquainted with all six senses. Experiencing new dimensions of hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, and overall self awareness.

From the unspoiled natural landscape to the quiet illuminated night sky, Wadi Rum comes alive at Bedouin Nights Camp .

Bedouin Nights Camp is a full service destination resort.

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